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SALT is an Indian fintech startup that solves two of the biggest problems while carrying out international transactions, i.e., time it takes for the remittance to reach you and the associated compliances and smoothens your international payments experience. Founded in 2020 by Ankit Parashar and Udita Pal, SALT helps businesses with effortless international payments and the legal compliances at the least possible costs. In conclusion, SALT is your answer to everything related to cross border payments!
SALT was founded on 13th of January 2020 by Udita Pal and Ankit Parashar and has been at the service of SMEs, startups and freelancers ever since. SALT serves as a one-stop solution to all your international payment needs.
Salt is helping SMEs, startups, service providers, consultants, agencies and freelancers with effortless international payments and automated legal compliances at the best possible rates in the least possible time.
SALT was co-founded by Ankit Parashar and Udita Pal.

A marketer by profession, Udita first identified the struggles of foreign payments while working with international companies as a consultant. After getting the bank account frozen randomly after international transactions and paying exorbitant high fees for the same, she decide to get into the roots of the problem and solve it.

Graduated from IIT Kharagpur, Ankit has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in January 2017. While on a trip to Singapore, Ankit’s card stopped working and his bank’s relationship manager and branch manager said the issue would take several days to resolve. This bitter experience made him realise that being a premium customer for banks did not guarantee better experience or better resolution of issues.

Both the founders have been on the other side of the table, and realised it’s not the best place to be when it comes to international business payments. These experiences led to formation of India’s first cross border fintech SALT.
SALT is building products for SMEs, startups, service providers, freelancers, agencies, and consultants to thrive in the international market by taking care of their international transactions and the legal compliances that comes with it.
SALT is a fintech startup based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka in India.
Receive International Payments
Yes, we provide FIRC for free. You can easily download the FIRC for every transaction from your dashboard.
We don't charge mark up on conversion and we usually follow google rate for converting currency to INR.
100% secure. We work with banks regulated by RBI and respective regulators in each country, and every transaction we do is safe and compliant. Transactions are held and managed by these regulated partner.
No, this facility is not available, as holding payments in virtual accounts will lead to taxation, but we will introduce this feature in future
No, Sign Up at Salt is entirely free for any business to go ahead.
No, your client does not have to create an account with Salt. Your client does not have to complete any KYC process. They simply send the money to your account details.
Oops! That doesn’t sound like us, but in the worst-case scenario, it happens, you can drop an email directly to founders@salt.pe, and we will prioritize you and get you on boarded as soon as possible.
Inflow Foreign Investments For Your Startup
No, we don’t help in raising funds for the startups. Once your term sheet is signed, we take over from there to complete the international transactions and legal of your fundraise.
Startups who are raising from foreign investors can use Table Salt to automate the legal and international transactions processes applicable for the fundraise.
Generate the valuation report, Open capital bank account, Transfer funds from foreign investors to India, Complete RBI & MCA filings.
As a founder/director of the company, you just need to complete the onboarding process to automate the legal and banking for your startups fundraising.
Table Salt is a great tool for your CA/CS/Lawyer to automate and complete the whole process in 45 days. - In half of the time to the average timeline. Further, we can work with your legal team to support international transactions. Alternatively, you can always use Table Salt to receive the investment funds at the best possible Fx rate and complete RBI filings.
We are the first company providing a one-stop solution to founders raising from foreign investors. Table Salt is a faster, simpler and informed way to manage the legal and international transaction processes of your startup fundraise.

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We do cross border payments and
compliances for Indian SMEs.

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