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Numbers Reaffirm the Fintech Wave in the Country: But How is the Future Looking?

As technology becomes more accessible, Indian fintech services will reach a greater number of people, both geographically and demographically in the future.

FinTech and Banks: Partners in Change

The alliance between Fintech and banks provides exciting growth opportunities. Here’s how they are becoming partners in change in the financial sector.

2021 Financial Trends We Need To Talk About

2020 has been a chaotic year, especially for the fintech industry, but 2021 promises growth and innovation to cope with the damage. Here are the key 2021 financial market trends that we need to talk about.

Perks of Being an Early Tech Adopter

There are considerable perks of being an early tech adopter – from leveraging tech to access resources to create a competitive advantage.

The Ultimate Guide to FinTech in Africa

An exploration into the exciting and evolving FinTech landscape in Africa, the product offerings, trends, emerging technologies ,and the path ahead.

FinTech and Banks: Just a fling or something more?

Many skeptics predict that the intermingling of banks and the fintech sector is just a fad, and won’t last for a long time. How true is this assessment?

FinTech in Africa: How Africa is turning into the biggest investment pool

Africa is slowly turning into the world’s biggest investment pool due to many young, tech-savvy smartphone users and emerging fintech companies that are attracting investors from across the globe.

FinTech 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Common Fintech Jargon

We continue to see a spike in the popularity of the fintech sector. But for a novice, the associated jargon and other buzzwords might sound perplexing.

How COVID-19 will Change the FinTech World

COVID-19 will change the fintech world as vulnerabilities in the system become obvious and there is a need for innovative players to step up

8 Personal Financial Lessons To Master Before 30

Financial literacy and the way you handle money comes with a steep learning curve. Fret not! Here are 8 financial lessons you should master before 30.