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Freelance 101: Simple Ways To Put Your Finances on Autopilot

Automating finances, especially for a freelancer, is paramount to reducing errors and delays, and freeing up valuable time to be better utilized in the work.

MISSING: Where Are All The Women Investors?

Investment seems to be men’s cup of tea even in changing times. Women, since forever, are counted upon to save. Here’s to the women investors crushing it.

Global Financial Inclusion Trends

Scan the United Nation’17 SDGs and you’ll find financial inclusion as an enabler and target of eight of the seventeen other developmental goals for 2030. How is the world performing?

What is Open Banking? And Why Should I Care?

Open banking is revolutionising the banking sector, by leveling the field for new financial companies and empowering consumers to better utilize their own data for themselves.

5 Reasons Why Credit Cards May Be Obsolete In 5 Years

Don’t be surprised if, given the current trends, credit cards go obsolete in the near future, replaced by more effective modes of payments. Here’s why.

Insurtech In India: Trends To Watch out For

Right from blockchain adoption to neobanks venturing into insurance services, the year 2020 has a lot in store for the Insurtech industry in India.

Investment Guide For Freelancers

Smart investment decisions not only secure your future but also multiply wealth. Here’s an investment guide for freelancers to make most of your earnings.

8 Personal Financial Lessons To Master Before 30

Financial literacy and the way you handle money comes with a steep learning curve. Fret not! Here are 8 financial lessons you should master before 30.

Net-worth VS Self-worth #MentalHealthWeek

Financial problems are a widespread cause of stress, and the worst part about it is the traditional stereotype which people have that having debt is a sign of not being good with money management. The self-thought ‘humiliation’ and ’embarrassment’ lead to isolation, which primarily impacts the well being of the person.

How To Start Building Your Emergency Fund

The existence of an adequate emergency fund can prove extremely useful in times of a financial crisis. Here’s how you can start building your own emergency fund.