How To Setup LinkTree Account For Your Business?

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Every business receives a good amount of new customers through social media. Social media marketing is getting much traction for this reason alone. This is why SMEs and other enterprises are trying to build their presence on all social media platforms. Along with the social media presence, businesses and startups require a central hub for storing the links to all their social media accounts, payment gateways, resources and the website. 

LinkTree serves as this centre for every big and small business. LinkTree is a tool that allows users to create one link to store all their social media links, resource links, payment gateways, and much more, and thus solidify their web presence. As the name suggests, it is like a crate of links that the users wish to share with others. It helps save the time and effort put into adding different links for different sources at the end of blogs, in the bio, or even at the end of a technical description. LinkTree for business ensures the content team can paste all links for every platform. 

But the bigger question here is how to set up LinkTree for business. Let’s look at this description to learn more about the platform and how to use it for startups, SMEs and bigger enterprises. 

Create An Account 

Setup LinkTree Account For Your Business

Source / Setup LinkTree for your business 

The first thing any business has to do as an introduction to setting up a LinkTree is to create an account on the LinkTree website. So, how to setup LinkTree?

  • All SMEs and startups can opt to go with the free plan of this tool. You have to visit the website and click on start for free. 

  • Then the page is redirected to a registration window.

  • Enter the details that are asked of you and make your account on the platform. 

  • To continue with a free account, you must choose to continue for free at the end of the registration. After this, the steps are pretty simple.

Verify Your Account  

The next step after successfully registering your business and all its information on LinkTree is verifying the account. 

A verification link is sent to the official email of the business. You need to click on verify now to complete the account verification. This verification is necessary to be sure that the business operates the account created in the name of a business. An official email address is necessary for all startups, SMEs and enterprises. The verification step also helps the users understand that setting up a LinkTree for business is safe.

Choose the Appearance 

A LinkTree for business looks like a storage of all the social media links, payment gateways and other resources. Most of the time, businesses do not care about how this central hub looks, but the looks of this hub create or deplete the interest in visitors. After you are done with creating and verifying your LinkTree for business, you have the liberty to decide your appearance on this platform. 

Firstly, you can add the brand logo or motto for the startups. The logo that the users select appears on top of the platform when a user opens the link. Users can even select how the background looks based on the nature of the business and the logo as well. Users have the creative freedom to make the LinkTree look as aesthetic as possible. Depending on how the platform looks, the audience impression is also decided. So, if you wish to have an impressive LinkTree, better put your most creative people on selecting the appearance.

Add The Links 

Now the final step towards setting up a LinkTree for business is the addition of all the links. Choose the option ‘Links’ that is prompted on the screen to start adding the links. After pasting every link, add the title to each so that the audience who visits this platform is not confused. The web links need to be checked now and then for whether they are still working. Posting broken links can damage the brand presence of startups and SMEs. 

After adding all the links, you can go with LinkTree for the business link. Users can either share this link via QR code or copy the overall link to the LinkTree website from this prompt. Now, this link or QR can be pasted at the end of blogs, in the bios of various platforms or even shared on different platforms.

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LinkTree for business is a very useful tool in the present scenario. Every business has a web presence on multiple platforms, and requires sharing all those links with others. Suppose not the social media links but the links to payment gateways or neobank accounts like Salt are necessary. In the present situation, neobanks like Salt provide great services, and payments to businesses can be sent directly to these accounts via a link. 

Now, LinkTree allows all users to post the links through one platform rather than separately. So, the use of LinkTree is an excellent choice for a business.